About Daniel

I’m Daniel Schmidt — a 15-year-old high school sophomore from Nashville, Tennessee

Ever since I was little, I have always been interested in politics, world affairs, economics, and anything else that impacted and changed the world in meaningful ways. Things like presidential debates and inaugurations, speeches by world leaders, political podcasts, and watching news show after news show have always been very entertaining and interesting to me.

I created The Young Pundit for several reasons:

First: There is a common belief among many that younger people have an extreme lack of knowledge regarding current events and the actual facts regarding those topics, and to be fair, I can see where that belief stems from. I myself have witnessed the lack of knowledge of contemporary issues in my own school, and it is frightening. I wanted to show the same people with that belief that a 14-year-old can actually formulate and articulate his own opinions rather than get them from his parents, and show that a high school sophomore can have a strong and large knowledge of political and contemporary issues.

Second: There is an astonishing lack of coverage of certain topics in the mainstream media. Many stories that I read online are barely, if ever, talked about in the mainstream media, and they should be front-page headlines. On top of that, many stories that are issued out by these media giants either deliberately leave out certain facts to spread an agenda or outright publish incredulous incorrect information.

Third: There is a large absence of facts in today’s society. Lies have been spread by politicians for decades now, but the creation of social media has brought forth a whole new medium to spread incorrect information. Political beliefs nowadays are typically not based on facts and evidence, but rather on emotions and feelings, and that is terrifying. Despite what the actual facts of significant topics are, people will formulate their opinions based on what their favorite Hollywood celebrities will write on Twitter.

Fourth: I have always loved expressing my own opinions and thoughts. Whenever there was a debate in school for a topic we would be discussing, I would always be the kid in class that the other students would get mad at due to me not agreeing with them. I have been told by many people that I should create an outlet to express my own opinions and share what I believe is not being reported on enough. Group-think is incredibly dangerous nowadays, and I want to invalidate it as much as possible.

A lot of pundits and political commentators have also inspired me to create The Young Pundit. Individuals like Ben Shapiro, Tucker Carlson, Dave Rubin, Matt Drudge, Stefan Molyneux, and many others have issued in a new era of expressing opinions that go against mainstream ideas.

For each post I make, I will ensure that everything I write will be fully researched, that I will only come to my conclusions through evidence and facts, and that I will always publish the story in its entirety, even if it does not necessarily go along well with my personal political beliefs. I will also strive to post stories that have barely been reported elsewhere to give insight into what topics the mainstream media is giving the cold shoulder to.

I want to thank you for reading this, and I truly hope that through The Young Pundit readers will become more educated, will be less likely to submit to group-think, and will be more knowledgeable about the facts regarding the very topics that are grossly lied about in today’s society.


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