On Friday, The College Fix — a libertarian news website focused on higher education in the United States — issued out an unsurprising development in the saga of American colleges scarily metamorphosing into utter insanity.

The story revolves around Asao Inoue, a professor at the University of Washington-Tacoma with a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition. Inoue, with his clear distinguishment in the art of writing, is planned to lead a seminar next month hosted at American University. The topic of the seminar? Why college professors should stop grading the quality and content of college papers — to combat racism, of course.

That isn’t a joke. On the seminar’s own website, it writes in gargantuan words, “Grading Ain’t Just Grading: Rethinking Writing Assessment Ecologies Towards Antiracist Ends.” One plenary description on the site writes how “Inoue will discuss the ways that White Language supremacy is perpetuated in college classrooms…” Another writes how “White racial habits of language” predominate the judgements of college papers.

Inoue has been outspoken about the apparent racism in college papers for years. In one paper, he wrote how writing professors should grade papers based on the labor and the time it took to write it, rather than the quality and the content of the actual paper.

This is all done through the guise of “social justice”; year after year, European American students outscore African American students in various aptitude and intelligence tests. To Inoue and to hundreds of other left-leaning college professors throughout the United States, this jarring inequality is conflated with inequity. Unequal test scores must mean systemic discrimination. This conflation was the origin of affirmative action, and still remains its mantra: equality of outcome, not opportunity, regardless of the omnipresent racist overtones.

In Inoue’s eyes, the outscoring of white college students compared to black and Hispanic students is a clear sign of the systemic racist college standards. To combat that, he argues, the quality of the paper must not be judged. 

Like affirmative action, Inoue’s proposal is clearly done to favor poor performing college students of color — to give them an edge over the students who actually try and write good papers. Quality doesn’t matter anymore.

Remember when colleges actually attempted to prepare students for the future? When they actually formed their criteria and standards to equip students for the workforce? When colleges didn’t push leftist political beliefs non-stop, cram it into their stimuli, and punish those who dare to speak up or complain? Remember when college campuses actually prioritized hard work, motivation, individual responsibilities, and merit?

Those were good times.

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