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The mainstream media continues to show us that no matter how successful and historical President Trump’s accomplishments are, they will continue to lambaste him and claim that what he is doing is only for show and a distraction from what is “really” going on (which in other words means the Russia investigation).

In addition to that, the “journalists” and “reporters” constantly change their narratives to ensure that they will never give credit to Trump for his feats. They’re told by people above them that no matter how successful and impactful Trump’s achievements are, they must always fight and resist them, and must ALWAYS bring up Russia — for ratings, of course.

The video above perfectly demonstrates this. Before the Singapore summit was even planned, so-called “experts” claimed that the lack of diplomacy between the Trump administration and the Kim regime would lead to a series of events which would ultimately result in a war. Journalists alike repeated these claims, stating that World War III is inevitable under President Trump.

The summit between the two contested countries is then planned, and out comes the claims that news about North Korea is just a distraction from “real stories” — A.K.A Russia. Attacks are spewed out at Trump claiming that he can connect and relate with dictators. The “journalists” go out on record and say how planning the summit was a huge mistake, despite saying only a few months ago that diplomacy is the only option.

Then came the actual event, and lo and behold, North Korea pledges to “work towards the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” To the mainstream media, however, that means nothing. To them, the entire meeting was just a huge display of empty and meaningless words. Oh yeah, and lots of flags. Calls of impeachment were once again hinted at, and the cycle continues.

These are the same people who blame Trump for the lack of trust in the news. The same people who wonder why credibility in the media has fallen dramatically.

This isn’t the first time the mainstream media has done something akin to this. Look no further than one of MSNBC’s prime time hosts, Lawrence O’Donnell, who claimed that Russian leader Vladimir Putin ordered the chemical weapon attack in Syria to try to distract Americans from the ongoing Trump-Russia investigation. With not a single bit of evidence in hand, MSNBC allowed O’Donnell to present a deranged conspiracy theory on his show.

Or look at CNN’s Don Lemon, who, like his liberal co-workers, has constantly stated that Trump needs to act more presidential. However, when Trump acted extremely presidential in his speech to the joint session of Congress, Lemon had this to say:

To me it sounds like a speech that was written for someone that he was reciting, and there were some big words and phrases that I don’t think that he actually connected to.”

He later went on to say how Trump’s speech sounded like a college student wrote it. Which makes perfect sense, because the President of the United States would definitely consult a sub-20-year-old for assistance on a speech.

“The way President Trump speaks extemporaneously is not the same as what he said tonight. It sounded to me, and I thought he sounded very presidential, this is a speech written by a college student for someone else trying to use big words to impress the person who is reciting it did not know the meaning of the words. That’s how it sounded?”

These are only a few examples. There are dozens — probably even hundreds — of examples in which the mainstream media shifts their narrative and claims that anything that Trump accomplishes is only done to distract the American people from the “real” news.

The President could save a screaming child from a burning building and the mainstream media would say it was intentionally done to distract Americans from the Russian investigation.

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