Founder and Editor-in-Chief Daniel Schmidt

Daniel Schmidt is a 16-year-old political commentator and opinion writer. In his freshman year of high school, at the age of 14, he founded The Young Pundit, a hard-hitting news commentary outlet featuring young, incisive, and unbought conservative voices.

Schmidt has been engaged in politics since the beginning of middle school. Events that normally did not attract the attention of kids his age — presidential debates and inaugurations, speeches by world leaders, political commentary programs — would encapsulate his attention for hours upon hours.

Believing strongly in the fundamental tenets of traditional conservatism — and realizing that the most effective medium for expressing his two cents wouldn’t be some pretentious website managed by a group of Ivy League graduates —, Schmidt founded TYP in early 2018 to express his thoughts on the most pivotal political issues through easily understandable opinion pieces, combating what he perceived as a devaluation in principled values and pragmatic thinking in political commentary.

Now, in 2020, TYP has adopted an entirely new purpose: to serve as a digital platform for traditionally conservative high school and college students to voice their authentic, unique, and passionate opinions — conserving what matters most in the process. To read more about TYP’s mission, click here.

Schmidt has had numerous inspirations that have shaped his way of thinking and style of writing. Tucker Carlson’s simple yet incredibly crisp way of thought, Pat Buchanan’s pragmatic and iconoclastic approach to policy, and Andrew Breitbart’s brave and insubordinate approach to journalism, among many others, have enlarged his passion even further.

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