Our Mission

The Young Pundit is a conservative commentary outlet founded by Daniel Schmidt — who was a 14-year-old high school freshman at the time — in 2018. Originally, The Young Pundit was created to allow Schmidt to express his thoughts on the latest political events through easily understandable and witty opinion pieces — something he had been longing for for more than a year.

A year after its founding, Schmidt realized an unprecedented vision for The Young Pundit‘s future. Following the 2016 presidential election, Schmidt witnessed the incredible resurgence of interest in politics among the youth, coupled with a rapid spread of conservative principles. Normally known to be the generation apathetic to politics, the youth were more informed and engaged than ever.

As far as we are aware, no outlet or medium currently exists that allows young individuals — fresh, incisive, and unbought voices — to express their own, unbridled thoughts on the current political environment through thoughtful, hard-hitting, and illuminating opinion pieces.

We are here to change that.

Starting in 2019, The Young Pundit will serve as a digital outlet to give young individuals — high school and college students — the platform to voice their uncensored, authentic, and passionate opinions. From the threat of war with Iran to the palace intrigue of the Trump administration, we want to read — and publish — well-written pieces on all topics under the sun.

While the media and politicians see the youth as careless, unintelligible, and ill-informed, we see them as much, much more.

Because if there’s one thing the Left is terrified of, it’s a freethinking, intelligent, and principled youth.

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Interested in having a career in politics, journalism, or political commentary in the future? This is the place to start. Have a genuine passion for politics? We would love to hear your thoughts. Unable to voice your true opinions at school? The Young Pundit is the platform for you.

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