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Founded in 2018 by Daniel Schmidt, a 14-year-old high school freshman at the time, The Young Pundit is a political commentary outlet that features the voices of young American nationalists whose views transcend the left-right paradigm. Originally, TYP was created to allow Schmidt to express his thoughts on the most pivotal political events through easily understandable opinion pieces, combating what he perceived as neglect toward traditional values and pragmatic thinking in political commentary.

A year after its founding, Schmidt realized a new direction for TYP’s future. Witnessing the alienation of young people from both the Progressive Left — in its descent into moral relativism, identity politics, and a complete lack of regard for cohesion and stability — and the Neoconservative Right — with its transfixion not on families and the national interest but on free markets, abstract economic metrics, and perpetual wars — Schmidt noticed the imperative for a medium that enables youthful believers in the doctrine of America First to express their unbridled thoughts on the contemporary political environment through thoughtful, alternative, and illuminating opinion pieces — helping conserve what matters most to the American tradition in the process.

Viewing young American nationalists as crucial for the preservation of American exceptionalism in the future, TYP aims to serve as a digital platform for traditionally conservative high school and college students to expose the hypocrisy, apathy, and indifference towards America’s interests and future within both poles of the political spectrum. We at The Young Pundit favor stability over unbridled freedom; national cohesion over tribalistic diversity; the interests of families over the interests of the free market; a firm commitment to domestic concerns over an unconditional commitment to foreign nations; a protective economic system over an uncontrollable and demoralizing one; and the celebration of social virtue, rooted in Christianity, over public showings of indecency.

While others see the youth as unintelligible, ill-informed, and an easy source to indoctrinate and use for votes, The Young Pundit sees them as much, much more.

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