We Are Being Socially Conditioned by Those in Charge

Social Media Apps

According to a new McLaughlin & Associates poll done for the Media Research Center, 36% of Joe Biden’s voters were not aware of his son’s shady business dealings. A striking 13% of those respondents said they would not have cast their ballots for Biden had they known. This shift in votes is of a considerable magnitude, large enough to have predictably facilitated a smooth victory for Donald Trump on election night. An ostensible case of election interference, such fixed insight regarding contemporary political affairs adverts to a much larger issue.

A sense of belonging is a basic psychological need of all humans, but it goes awry when it mandates the sacrifice of the freedom to think and behave of your own volition. When those in power can establish a political framework that prompts millions of ordinary Americans into perpetual captivity in their homes, incurring copious economic woes as the professional class benefits at their expense, the sheer fragility of the human archetype is heeded. So long as the mainstream media endorses the ends, the pliable and sheeple mob will dutifully affirm and accept the purported means to those ends.

Today, corporations rise ascendant over the government both in power and wealth. Those in charge employ mass propaganda to extend their own power, ensuring that the lay public votes, thinks, and acts in lockstep. The most felicitous mediums for this bovine domestication are the various constitutive social media apps. By their own design, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram alike assemble your content based exclusively on your viewing habits, an evasive tactic meant to elongate social media usage. Not at all by accident, this measure confines users to a rigid echo-chamber of news and headlines.

We somehow believe we are free because we get to pull the final lever and vote for the candidate we are conditioned and advised incessantly by news pundits to support. The fate of America rests on our willingness to comply, they tell us. Roughly half of America parrots the very narratives and superfluous talking points espoused by the mainstream media and big corporations. Ironically, these very same people have the audacity to prey on those who dare dissent from the herd.

As Americans, we have to understand that those in charge are mobile and affluent. They do not need a country, and if the opportunity is there, the elites will invariably drain the lifeblood of America to line their pockets. American patriots must not submit to manufactured demoralization. Instead, we should allow this to foster outrage and galvanize us into meaningful advocacy.

Patriot Politics is a 16-year-old paleoconservative activist, content creator, and freelance writer. He recently co-founded the advocacy organization “ConserveGenZ.”