The basketball game wasn’t the only thing Jimmy Kimmel failed at that day.

For those who aren’t aware, leftist comedian Jimmy Kimmel played Texas Senator Ted Cruz in a highly anticipated basketball game for charity Monday afternoon. The origin of the match is something you would see in a Saturday Night Live skit: Cruz challenged Kimmel to the charity event after being told he looked like a blobfish in a photo taken at an NBA game.

The match was then uploaded to YouTube, receiving a significant amount of views.

The idea behind it was simple and just: play to 11 points, and whoever loses has to donate $5,000 to the winner’s charity of choice. Cruz ended up winning 11-9, and both competitors donated $10,000 to both of their charities. Kimmel later noted that earnings from the game totaled over $80,000 for the two charities — Texas Children’s Hospital and Generation One, a Texas-based non-profit focused on education.

The event would’ve been a great model to follow for America as a whole — coming together for the greater good despite largely different political beliefs — if it wasn’t for Kimmel constantly berating Cruz with insults and ill-informed statements throughout the match.