The GOP is Weak and Deceitful

GOP Politicians

Donald Trump will always carry with him a legacy. On the outside, he will be forever distinguished as the only President in recent memory to brandish his opulence. On a visceral level, however, Trump will come to symbolize an animated revolution against a ruling class that, considering their pernicious, devious, and sly tactics, need not call themselves a legitimate ruling class. Trump willingly sacrificed his silver spoon to reimagine a better America, an America where the middle-class could once again flourish and prosper. Against all odds, with hostility coming from within his own party, the media, Hollywood, and special interests, he prevailed in 2016 over Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

Now, in 2020, the Trump campaign has come face to face with a leviathan. Amidst an ostensibly contested election, the fraudulent nature of which rendered questionable as the media continues to brand voter fraud as conspiratorial, Trump’s own constituents have turned their backs on him. The chairwoman of the Republican National Committee herself, Ronna McDaniel, is apparently confident that the election was free of interference, with seemingly little interest in the matter at all.

This care-free archetype applies to the vast majority of contemporary GOP politicians who, for the most part, have stayed silent over the matter of voter fraud or simply denounced Trump, urging him to concede the election. Shielded from the struggles of the common man, whom public policy impacts directly, lifetime politicians could care less about who subsumes the Oval Office, so long as they can line their pockets behind the scenes. While thousands of patriots adamantly march their state capitals, demanding, with conviction, that state legislators appoint electors that will ensure Trump a second term, Republican politicians and conservative influencers alike are nowhere to be found.

They procure millions of dollars off of donations and events, but simply refuse to associate themselves with the common fight. They feel as though they are supreme, endowed with fame and affluence, segregated from the masses, and looking down in judgment at aggregations of vacuous and domesticated peasants. It is time we realize that this is not a game of giving with no compensation for our toils. Republican majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate have supervised and facilitated the decline of America. Is this permissible because they fail us under the guise of “conservative?” We must demand they act on our behalf and the behalf of President Trump and the America First movement. If they refuse to comply or capitulate to special interests, American patriots ought not to support them.

Patriot Politics is a 16-year-old paleoconservative activist, content creator, and freelance writer. He recently co-founded the advocacy organization “ConserveGenZ.”