The Greatest Lesson Learned in the Year 2020


From the globally catastrophic Coronavirus pandemic to months of ongoing race riots, the constant upheaval in 2020 disclosed an important lesson that Americans must heed and internalize. From the cauldron of such experience, the true foe of the American people emerged.

When French Aristocrat Alexis de Tocqueville visited America in the early decades of the nineteenth century, he wrote a book titled Democracy in America that closely examined the development of a new democratic revolution in the United States. One concept Tocqueville develops in his magnum opus is what he calls “brutish indifference.” Modern liberal democracies, Tocqueville believed, would have a propensity to act only for the short term, thus to dismiss the consequences of their actions upon future generations, thereby fracturing any shared fate or future amongst the people. Furthermore, the disassembling of nonliberal cultural forms and institutions that tutor our presentism and dissuade temporal narrow-mindedness and curtness, he feared, would translate to self-congratulation and resultant psychic and even physical separation among the various socio-economic classes. Liberation from a shared fate and accompanying legal and customary obligation inherent to that shared fate would ensure the abandonment of lower classes.

America’s current ruling class eerily parallels the portentous writings of Tocqueville, as big corporations imperil cultural traditions with the inauguration of new goods and services, attended by captivating ads that inculcate consumers with the idea that they require for their very continuation the particular good or service being touted. Today’s elites likewise infiltrate our political processes and go unpunished, using the media to elongate their influence and secure the public vote. The ruling class also colludes with the government to crush small businesses into the ground and deliver a profit back to bureaucrats through dividends, engaging in the political equivalent of symbiosis.

In 2020, a primary veneer for the ruling class has been “safety,” provoking the mass closure of American small businesses and the perpetuation of government-enforced lockdowns as Amazon, Walmart, and Target saw their profit margins rise 100%, 80%, and 80%, respectively, during the Coronavirus pandemic. Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, and Google stocks also reached record highs this year. Frankly, no other year has been more forthcoming than 2020 as to the rapaciousness of the American regime. Behind all socio-political developments in 2020 was an elite class pulling the strings backstage to serve their interests above all else. American patriots must acknowledge the elephant in the room.

Patriot Politics is a 16-year-old paleoconservative activist, content creator, and freelance writer. He recently co-founded the advocacy organization “ConserveGenZ.”